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East Hants Cop 26 Conference

On Friday, the Liss Federation was represented at the East Hants COP 26 conference in Alton by Mr Stanley, Sophie and Lola. Liss were among many exhibitors at the conference which was open to the general public. Sophie and Lola … Continue reading

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Fairtrade and chocolate

For our third session on fair trade at Liss Junior School, we focused on chocolate. Two thirds of cocoa produced worldwide is estimated to be grown by smallholders. West African economies are critically dependent on cocoa. For example, revenue from … Continue reading

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Fairtrade: Session 2

Following on from last week’s fair trade lesson, Rowan class started off with a quick recap of the previous week’s learning, in particular a renewed discussion over how much people should be paid for the process of growing and selling … Continue reading

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Sharing this amazing experience is absolutely the most beautiful thing ever. Whatever thoughts and memories I have about this visit matters a lot to the children, teachers and people who established the twinning project. Bravo! To QEPP, Bravo! To the … Continue reading

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Uganda celebration event at Liss Junior School

Uganda Celebration Event Many thanks to all the pupils and parents who attended our Uganda Celebration. We were joined by Mr. Davies and Mrs. Masika, the headteachers of Hambledon Primary School and Rihamu Junior School respectively. We were also visited … Continue reading

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More from Mr Thembo’s trip to the UK

After two very busy but enjoyable weeks, Mr Stephen Thembo—the headteacher of Kafuro Primary School—has returned to Uganda. Mr Thembo taught in all four year groups at the Junior School and also in Year 2 at the infant school. He … Continue reading

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A Ugandan Celebration

As our Ugandan Exchange comes to an end, we finished in style at Hambledon Primary with a celebration of our links with Rihamu Junior School.  This was an opportunity to demonstrate what both schools have learnt from each other and … Continue reading

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Connecting Classrooms and Strengthening Bonds

Madam Shakilah has enjoyed her week teaching at Hambledon; almost as much as the children have enjoyed having her in their classrooms.  The children have been so excited to welcome her into class and have thoroughly enjoyed her lessons.  These … Continue reading

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Community Change Work begins At Hambledon

Pupils in Year 2 and Year 3 are looking at how the communities of Hambledon and Rihamu change and develop over time. One threat that exists in both communities is the risk of flooding. Rain water has caused much damage … Continue reading

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Beginning Wants & Needs work at Liss

Year 6 have begun their work on the wants and needs learning that Miss Duncan and Mr Davies began when they visited Kafuro and Rihamu during the summer. Our first task was to draw around the outline of a pupil … Continue reading

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