The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project (formally known as the Queen Elizabeth Twinning Project) has been actively involved with schools in Uganda and the UK since 2009 when the first schools were twinned. Since then a large number of schools in both countries have been twinned and had the opportunity to share their learning often (but not exclusively) through the medium of conservation. This has enabled the children and teachers to learn a great deal about each others’ lives and countries.

The first exchange visits between teachers began in 2012 and has taken place at regular intervals since. Shortly after the first visit, Liss Junior and Kafuro Primary started a shared blog and this has expanded to other schools. However, it was decided that it would be a good idea if there was a blogging site where all schools (and some of the rangers) could post about their learning. Hence this blogging site has been created. We hope that you enjoy learning about all the schools.