Liss Federation renews International Schools Award Accreditation

Late last week, Mr Stanley received an email from the British Council with the good news that the work we have carried out over the last three years has resulted in the Federation being awarded full International Schools Accreditation for the next three years. The assessor’s comments are published in full below:

“This is a strong application from The Federation of Liss Schools and meets the standard for International School Award Reaccreditation in 2021. You have provided evidence of the minimum of four eligible activities which have taken place between September 2019 and July 2021. Two of these activities are collaborative with your overseas partner school in Uganda and one activity has a foreign language element. Pupils in all year groups have been involved. Well done! And especial congratulations on sustaining the Kafuro link for over a decade. You are almost certainly correct with your prediction “that the type of visits we are used to taking part in are not going to be possible again for some time, but we feel happy that we have a robust communication network.” And your submission confirms this. The Keyhole gardens will provide a regular point of common interest. Throughout the Impact Evaluation your resilience in the difficult and on-going period of the pandemic is demonstrated. It is in fact one of the most informative and lively reports this assessor has seen because you have illustrated the Action Plan and the breadth of the activities with some wonderful comments from the participants. Quoting from the application, “when the children found out how little banana growers were paid for their product compared to the retailer there was almost open rebellion in the class. Their views on taxation & Fairtrade changed dramatically over the six lessons.” One parent observed that “my daughter has ‘advised’ me that I should not be buying food with palm oil from unsustainable sources and now refuses to eat certain brands of chocolate spread!” There are good links with other schools and the International School Award of 2018 is mentioned on your website, although you could perhaps feature the outstanding Kafuro partnership more strongly. Moving forward the assessor is pleased to see that you are now entering into a partnership with Maria Mather School in Roquefort Les Pins, France and also that you are acknowledging “that where we have taught the SDGs implicitly in the past, we now need to teach them explicitly particularly as the world emerges from the Covid pandemic.” This is a very honest reality check of what all schools need to be doing. Overall, this is excellent.”

Many thanks to all the children, staff and parents who worked so hard to support our application. There will be an award ceremony later this year.

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