Summarising our learning from the Fairtrade unit

This week, pupils from Liss had their final lesson on Fairtrade. We looked to summarise our learning over the unit, therefore the pupils carried out the same activity as the first lesson of putting beans in pots according to what they thought causes poverty. The children were given 3 beans each and were asked to investigate nine statements. When they found a statement that they felt was most accurate they could place one of their beans in a cup next to the statement. If they wished, they could place all their beans in a particular cup. 

The results were as follows:

A quick analysis of the results shows that the children’s thinking had changed dramatically over the course of the unit. There was a strong recognition that while climate change and war were causes of poverty, international trade was a massive factor in ensuring that people stayed in poverty, and that people in richer countries help ensure this is the case by wanting to pay less for goods from poorer countries. The pupils were also angered by the fact that many big companies avoid paying tax to countries in the developing world. They saw this as fundamentally unfair.

Over the course of the unit, the teachers at Liss were really pleased at how our pupils developed their understanding of Fairtrade and how important it is to people living in the developing world. Ultimately, it is down to us to ensure that we buy Fairtrade products when we have a choice. We can choose to be part of the problem or do something about it.

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