Cooking Ugandan meals at Liss

Warm greetings to our Ugandan friends at Kafuro. We hope that you had a good Easter.

After tasting Ugandan – style meals before the Easter holidays, Liss pupils in Year 6 came back to school ready to create their own meals. Ugandan chapattis had proven to be very popular with our pupils and these formed the basis of many of the children’s meals. Also extremely popular was muchomo – our pupils like meat!

All of our pupils had heard from Mr Stanley about the wonders of Ugandan rolex and more than a few of the groups were determined to create their own. The pupils used green and red peppers, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and even bacon and sausage in their rolexes. One group even added chili.

As the photos below show, the pupils had a great time creating their meals and really enjoyed making chapattis, cutting up salads, grilling meat and presenting their meals.

Our pupils are wondering what UK meals Ugandan pupils would like to cook if they had the chance

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