Kafuro gets ready to return to school

After the best part of seven months without children attending school in Uganda due to Covid 19, the children in P7 are going to be the first children returning to school next Monday 15th October. This significant time away from school has been made worse by the fact that the IT infrastructure is not good enough to support remote learning. The Government were making some promises about sending a television and radios to every village so that the children could access some learning, but this would not be on a scale that everyone would benefit.

P7 are the equivalent of Year 6 (although some of the children are older) and they have to take their Primary Leaving Examinations in November (their equivalent of SATs). Needless to say, they have a great deal of learning to catch up on.

Mr Thembo and his staff ave been busy making the site secure to minimise the risk of infection. This has included for the first time, a barrier preventing open access to the school.

There is now a barrier at the entrance to Kafuro Primary School

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