Message from Mr Thembo

Hello to everyone at Liss Junior and Liss Infant School. Every time I think about Liss I go and read the goodbye messages you wrote for me when I left the school to come back to Uganda. You all have my love and good wishes.

Uganda is still in a case of partial lockdown due to Covid – 19. Although we can move during the day, there is a curfew at night and we must stay indoors. However, things are starting to get better. Shops are open and boda bodas are available to use for transport. However, airports, schools and places of worship are still closed.

While Kafuro Primary School has been closed, work has begun on constructing a small accommodation block for members of staff. As Kafuro is a long way from the homes of some staff members, they have to stay in the village during the week and only travel home at the weekend. The new block, which is situated below the cob oven, will provide accommodation for three members of staff. We had to clear a lot of bushes to make space for the new building. We now need to plaster the building and fit doors and shutters.

My best wishes to all pupils in UK and I hope you enjoy your summer holidays.

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