My initial impressions of the UK

The trip was first impressing when I was on the plane. It was my first flight ever. It took long hours on the plane. It was interesting to view many things below the clouds.among which was the Sahara Desert, the Mediterranean Sea and many other features across. Another big impression was picked from the airport which is very beautiful where Mr Adam and Heather had come to receive me and my colleague. I had some hot coffee at home after driving through a cold environment. Dinner was served and then after I rested in my bedroom.

The following morning, we had a gentle tour around Queen Elizabeth Country Park guided by Ashlea and Jan. The weather was generally cool. Everything here looks unique and generally good. Their environment especially buildings are smart. Classrooms are well arranged and manageable numbers of learners not exceeding 25 children.

People are very welcoming,and hospitable. They look good because everybody is committed to their work. Life can change in Africa if we adopt to the working style like in UK. So far, everything that I look at now looks a wonder, the exposure is looking very different ranging from the type of soil, trees, grass, and the general vegetation. Some trees have shaded off their leaves due to winter and they all look in a uniform structure.

I took some hours out to look at horse riding. Farm animals like sheep and horses look good in their fields and feel nothing about the cold weather.

I still have many more days round which I believe will expose me to many more beautiful things that I will share with you soon

Mr Thembo & Madam Shakilah in the car after being picked up from Heathrow
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