A Ugandan Celebration

As our Ugandan Exchange comes to an end, we finished in style at Hambledon Primary with a celebration of our links with Rihamu Junior School.  This was an opportunity to demonstrate what both schools have learnt from each other and the difference that the partnership has made.

The celebration event showcased the learning from the units of work on Sanitation, Community Change and Wants and Needs. The topic of sanitation has a very high profile in the media and all visitors had the opportunity to wish their hands with a specially constructed ‘Tippy Tap’ in the hall!

The children discussed with our visitors (parents, Governors and members of the Parish Council) the impact of positive changes in both communities. Of special interest was how both communities are dealing with the threat of flooding.

Year 6 (Wants & Needs) could talk with passion about the importance of education in both of our countries. They were prepared to admit that that maybe this was something they’d taken for granted in the past.

The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project ran a stall selling Ugandan crafts and business was brisk all afternoon.

Visitors were also able to try their hand at African drumming and taste Ugandan food prepared by our extra special guests, Ugandan Headteachers Steven and Shakilah!

After speeches, the school presented Madam Shakilah with a cheque for £670. The money will be used to refurbish a the P1 classroom at Rihamu. The children also gifted a special teddy bear in Hambledon uniform – a special gift to our special friends.

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1 Response to A Ugandan Celebration

  1. Ibrahim says:

    Hello Paul and Hambledon,
    Great pics and great poses!!
    Thank you so much for hosting our Head Teacher. She has indeed had some quality time at Hambledon. Thank you for the good reception and great learning. Our Head Teacher has benefited a lot and we are sure all these skills are going to be passed on the rest of other teachers at Rihamu Junior School. We are very proud of this relationship and we promise to sustain it into the future. Thank you for the great love!
    We are proud of the British council Connecting Classrooms projects and QEPP! Thank Adam, Paul, Steve and Rebecca ans the CM Sports!!!
    Director – Rihamu Junior School

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