Connecting Classrooms and Strengthening Bonds

Madam Shakilah has enjoyed her week teaching at Hambledon; almost as much as the children have enjoyed having her in their classrooms.  The children have been so excited to welcome her into class and have thoroughly enjoyed her lessons.  These have included sessions answering the children’s many questions about Uganda as well as sharing African Stories on world book day.  The Conservation message was a key part of the children’s learning on this day and all the pupils came dressed as endangered animals and plants.

She has explored issues around sanitation with Owls class, positive changes and developments in Kasese and led an African Animals Art lesson with Robins.

Today Madam Shakilah led a fascinating discussion in Ospreys class. She brought with her the responses from the pupils at Rihamu, who considered their Wants and Needs.  The similarities and differences to their own Needs and desires prompted much thoughtful debate.

Of particular interest was the differing views about the importance of education.  Madam Shakilah described how all pupils at Rihamu consider themselves very fortunate to have a place at the school.  Not all parents can afford to send their children to get an education.  Hambledon children felt that perhaps they take their education for granted as it is free and compulsory.  The children challenged their views of the purpose of their learning and its value to their life chances.  The pupils were able to articulate their understanding clearly and are looking forward to continuing the debate at next Wednesdays celebration event.

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