Wants and Needs Work begins at Hambledon

Wants and Needs work begins at Hambledon
The same lesson is delivered at Rihamu Junior School

Year 6 have begun their work on the wants and needs learning pupils at Rihamu also started earlier in the year. Our first task was to draw around the outline of a pupil and give the outlined child a name. Next, we discussed what this child would need to grow up into a happy and healthy adult. The children were set the task of identifying twenty things that would help the child achieve this. At this point there was no input and the children could completely decide for themselves. Once the pupils had completed their twenty things that a child would need, they wrote them on post-its and placed them in the middle of the child. Next, they were asked to remove five of the things that the child could do without – this reduced the items to fifiteen. This exercise was repeated twice more and generated fierce debate on each table as the children argued over what should stay. Eventually, each group had five items left which they shared with the rest of the class and compared.

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