Changing Communities: Building starts in Liss

Blog readers will know that one of the major topics that Liss, Kafuro, Hambledon and Rihamu have been studying is how our communities are changing and what the impact will be on the people and services in each community.

This week in Liss, the first phase of building new houses has started on Andlers Ash Road, which is a five minute walk away from the school. The houses will be built on the site of a former tree nursery. Seventy-seven new houses are being built in the first phase and this should have some impact on the village. As well as welcoming new people into our community, it should mean that there will be new arrivals at the school as new children join when they move into the area. There should also be a greater demand on local services and an opportunity for local businesses to generate more income.

We will post new photos each week as the building work progresses.

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