Uganda Day 10: 2019

Resorting back to my usual French toast at Tembo for breakfast this morning, I was ready for a busy day ahead at Kafuro. 

Ronnie drove Paul and I (very smoothly, the complete opposite to Joffrey) to Kafuro. Shakilah met us at the school, her first visit there, but upon meeting Stephen she realised he was her old teacher from P6/7 for English! It’s a small world, even here in Uganda. Shakilah was shown around the school with Paul whilst I taught my final lesson to P7. We tackled sanitation which most children believed to be keeping the environment clean but, with discussion, they were able to connect to the disposal of waste, including that of humans. I explained about the challenges girls face in education due to having to collect water and carry out other chores which the children understood well, collecting water for their families themselves. Having a tap with drinking water at school has enabled them to focus more on learning. This is as a result of previous fundraising by Liss pupils.  

Lesson finished, it was straight to the kitchen to cook pizza for all of the school! Assistant chef, Paul, was very handy to have around today! He really knows his stuff about pizza. The children all partook in the making of the dough, mixing it all together and getting very sticky in the process which was hilarious. Whilst the dough rose, we made the sauce. Children chopped tomatoes and small onions grown just across the road and mixed with some water which they reduced down over the fire. It was a lot cooler today outside but when I went into the kitchen it was too hot to handle! 

As the pizzas cooked, Paul and I joined the other teachers for lunch which was delicious as ever. The children were fantastic at minding the pizzas while we ate to make sure they didn’t burn! 

When we had finished lunch, it was time for the school to try the pizza. Each pizza was cut into about 40 tiny slices so P3-7 all got a change to try. Their faces were a picture as it looked like chapati but certainly didn’t taste the same! It was heart warming to watch them try something so different to their normal cuisine. 

Then the heavens opened and rain poured down, the storm had been in the air all morning. At a break in the downpour, there was a chance to watch the reigning champion tag rugby team practice. They were fantastic and showed great sportsmanship and team work just like the children of Liss. 

Finally, and sadly, it was time to say goodbye. I popped into P6 and P7 but the other classes were having lessons so I didn’t want to disrupt. The whole school then came to their windows as we drove off, beaming smiles on their faces and waving enthusiastically. I felt very special and privileged to have spent the last few days at such a fantastic school which I am proud Liss Junior School is twinned with. 

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  1. shakilah says:

    We shall miss the team greatly. You all have an infectious personalities.

    Thank you so much for your positive input in bringing schools together.
    The benefits are so huge especially to all the schools with lots of learning!!

    At Rihamu Junior School, we remain proud of being the 2019 conservation winners!!!!

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