Uganda Day 8: 2019

This morning we had to get up and go as CM Sports had quite a journey ahead of them after they dropped me off at Kafuro with Steve. When I arrived back at Kafuro I was warmly greeted and took the last few class photos of nursery, P1 and P2. 

Once I had finished the admin side of things, it was time for me to teach. I was welcomed into P6 and completed a lesson on wants and needs in which the children drew around one person to create a child, thought of 20 things they would need to be happy and healthy and then whittle it down to just 5. It was a tricky process but the children were phenomenal at their ideas and vocabulary. One group was very fast at deciding and chose to have money over water with the justification that they could buy water with money which was discussed at length. 

After teaching my lesson, which went far too quickly, I was invited into the head teacher’s office for tea and bread which was a much needed snack. Refuelled, Steve and I played dominoes and darts with Stephen and Yowasi to practise the rules so that they can teach them and so that I could practise before hopefully teaching the children tomorrow. 

Steve and I had some time to look out onto the landscape around the school before CM Sports arrived for lunch which was rice, cabbage and onions, and sliced potaoes (Joffrey certainly enjoyed his lunch). 

Temperatures were rising as we moved onto New Life Junior school and Kichwamba Primary School for football practice (which I was hoping to sit in the shade and watch.) We were greeted by the school in one of the classrooms and the choir singing a song to us as visitors. They pulled Andy up to dance first and then the rest of us one by one which was really fun. 

Although I was planning on relaxing and watching the sports training, the children had other ideas. I was surrounded by intrigued children who wanted to ask questions about me being a teacher which was really nice to discuss and share our similarities. I also became a mirror to a little girl in pink shoes. We compared shoe sizes and every movement she made, I imitated which kept a lot of children entertained, especially as she was so sassy. Later, CM sports were presenting their gifts so I sat among the children pretending to hide which they thought was funny. We spoke about the lessons they had for the rest of the day and I was nosey and had a look through one of their maths books which was eye opening. Whilst there was a darts demonstration, I saw a child bouncing a ball on her own. I invited her to start playing catch which turned into piggy in the middle surrounded by lots of other children. They were engrossed and very competitive! 

Then it was back to Mweya before a packed day at Kafuro again tomorrow. Joffrey let me drive home from the school which was lovely on the tarmac but not so pleasant for everyone else once we started to go onto the track, although highly amusing for Steve and I while sat in the front plus my driving made Nick’s top 3 moments of the day!

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