Uganda 2019: Day 9 – Sanitation, Sanitation, Sanitation!

Up early to visit Katwe Boarding School.  Karen has donated a new first aid kit to the guides group and we popped along to see how they’re doing.  The girls greeted us with two excellent songs and I got to teach them how to play frisbee.
The focus of today’s learning at Rihamu Junior School was the importance of sanitation. Diarrhoea kills more children than HIV/AIDS, malaria and measles combined.  Almost 1 billion lack access to safe drinking water.  More than 2.3 billion people lack access to safe sanitation.

For this reason I am delighted that the money raised by Miss Murray from her Ugandan Marathon will be used to improve the sanitation at Rihamu.  Sometimes the water supply to the school is cut, on these occasions staff and pupils have to carry 20 gallon jerry cans from the neighbourhood.  One pupil, Abigail, explained that this is not only tough, but wastes their learning time.
The project will see the installation of a 5000 litre water tank and guttering to collect rainwater.  Miss Murray’s fund raising will also cover the costs of the cement, sand, concrete and labour necessary for its correct installation.  Thank you again to all who sponsored Miss Murray and to Miss Murray for her fund raising efforts.  I have seen this week the huge difference this will make to a great many lives.

What’s left, will be put together with an anonymous donation to fund the refurbishment of a classroom block. Currently two of the walls of classroom P1 are formed from wooden planks.  The gaps between these mean that when it rains the children sat in class get very wet.  The funding will pay for bricks, cement, sand and marrum.  The work will create water tight brick walls and a classroom environment much better suited for learning.

The school provided another gorgeous lunch of goat sandwiched in chapati.  I think I will leave Africa having put on weight.

We then braved the afternoon heat to head to a local open space to train for the Conversation Cup.  A week ago the children had never seen a rugby ball or a cricket bat. Now they are scoring tries from raid breaks and pulling the cricket ball to the boundary.

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