4 Memorable Days at Rihamu Junior School

What started as a big dream finally came to fruition. It was on Friday 02nd August 2019, when the visiting team from the UK entered the school gate. Cheers and happy moments started flowing and everyone was excited the whole day until when our visitors left.

From Monday 05th until Wednesday 07th, a lot of good things have happened. From training and lessons about Children Needs, Wants, UN Human Rights to Sanitation and lots of comparisons drawn between Hambledon and Rihamu Junior School much to everyone’s surprise. Lots of academic learning have taken place and we very much appreciate the visiting Head Teacher from Hambledon for conducting the lessons. He used lots of learning aids that made the lessons interesting. The participation and engagement from the children was always superb. I particularly liked the teaching methods and how Paul Davies used his time so well at the same time covering the key content with the children. I am now sure that our children now know much about Hambledon school, Hambledon community, the old and new buildings, the pitch, the children and entire staff. Paul came in with letters that the children from Hambledon had written to the children at Rihamu School and our children have already decoratively written their replies to there friends.

After the lessons, I always had an opportunity to take Paul, Karen Jannie around to see some of the community changes. These have included the old copper mine at Kilembe, the great flood trail, Kiwa Heritage hot springs, the UBC radio, and the airfield which is still under construction – we found plane which was about to take off, the operators mistakenly thought we were coming to board the plane!, Then we visited the old and new market – where Paul bought a Jack Fruit to have a first time taste. We also visited the old Railway Station, here Paul could not see any metal rails since the rail land and staff quarters had already been encroached on by the local people.

We have shared a lot together, thank you for enjoying our food choices and fruits, we remain thankful to our visitors for all the sports kits, for the great and wonderful training in tag rugby, darts, dominoes, football and cricket! We now have the required skills and we shall keep our children busy on the field.

Thank you for the 5000ltr school water tank, this will go along way to improve the general sanitation at school, and the contribution towards the P1 block!

We remain thankful and grateful to the entire team – Paul, Steve, Karen, Andy, Ashly, Jess, Luke and Nick and Megan.


Head Teacher RJS.

About shakilah

Hi Everyone !!!!

So nice meeting you here. Well, am Shakilah Huda from Rihamu Junior School. I have been at this school since 2004. I specifically teach English and Reading from 8 to 10 years. I was born as teacher and I really enjoy my job. Its such a wonderful feeling being called Madam Shakilah by all the children even when am walking on African streets!!!

I was born from western Uganda. My school is appr. 360kms away from the Kampala – The capital city of Uganda.

So nice sharing with you something small about me!

Shakilah Huda
Head Teacher – Rihamu Junior School -Kasese – East Africa

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