Uganda Day 7: 2019

After a quicker than normal visit to Tembo this morning for breakfast, myself, Steve, Ashlea and the CM sports coaches set off to Kafuro Primary School for my first visit. When we arrived, we were greeted by Stephen Thembo, the headteacher, and Yowasi. We chatted in Stephen’s office to introduce ourselves and were then invited to an assembly to introduce ourselves to the children. Once we had said ‘hello’, the CM Sports coaches were given the team to train ready for the Conservation Cup, and Megan took some children to dance whilst I was given a tour of the school with Ashley. We saw the classes which were quite large, with tables with benches, chalkboards at the front and in some rooms, lights so that the older children can revise in the morning and evening when it is dark. It reminded me of Mrs Myers’ assembly in which she showed a  photo of the boy doing his homework on the street using the streetlights, as these children don’t have access to electricity, and therefore light, at home to work. 

I was shown the results of the children at Liss Junior School’s fundraising, the latrines, which had been emptied and new plastic funnels put in place and concrete flooring. The children and teachers at Kafuro are very grateful to all the effort the children have put in over the year with their fundraising. 

Once CM Sports had left to go to their next school, Steve and I took the walk children used to take to collect drinking water from the lake, and that some still take to get water for washing. Since the new tap was installed at Kafuro, the community is now able to use the water for drinking and only go to the lake to collect water for cleaning. It was quite a walk down to the lake and when we arrived I was surprised at how beautiful it looked from a distance but up close it made me realise how valuable the tap at the school is. Yowasi wanted us to do the challenge and rock climbing up to the main road but I was wearing flip flops so I had to take the road less travelled. 

Back up in Kafuro village, I met some local people, most of whom were parents of children from the school. Some of the men use their motorbikes to take people into the nearby town, a replacement for taxis, and I was offered a lift but again, my attire wasn’t particularly suitable so I had to decline (don’t panic Mum!) 

Returning to school, we ate lunch in Stephen’s office – tilapia, Irish potatoes, and cabbage and tomato salad which was a bit like a stir fry. It was all delicious! 

In the afternoon I had a chance to talk through the planning with Posiano, who teaches maths and social sciences at the school. It is similar to secondary schools at Kafuro in that teachers don’t teach a class but a subject and move between the classrooms, apart from nursery and P1 who have the same teacher all day. With the planning all explained to Posiano, it was time to give out the letters from Liss which they all rushed off to read in class as soon as the class photos had been taken. 

CM Sports and Joffrey returned and it was time to get back to Mweya. We headed to Tembo for dinner and then the lodge. Joffrey was in a good mood so he let me drive home. Then I don’t think everyone else was in a good mood after the bumpy ride home. 

I felt very welcomed at the school today and thoroughly enjoyed my time. I can’t wait to get started with teaching tomorrow! 

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