Uganda Day 6: 2019

Heading to Tembo for breakfast at the later time of 6.30 today (a luxury after finally sleeping through the night!), we filled up before heading to the Rwenzori Mountains for our mountain trek. 

Joffrey had told us it was cold up the mountains so we needed to cover up, but when we got there it was cool compared to other places we had been. Thankfully, most of us hadn’t listened and didn’t wear long trousers, a good thing too as climbing was tiring and sweaty work. During our 4.1 mile walk which took 2 hours to get to the summit and back, we saw some beautiful sights, such as enormous boulders in clear, cold rivers, picturesque mountains and hundreds of butterflies which were as common as flies or bees are at home. Nick didn’t get very far before a winged creature decided to make his ear it’s new home and was determined not to come out, so he returned to the bottom to try to retrieve it. On our way back down from the peak, there were about 20 orange and black butterflies slightly smaller than ours at home, a few landed on my hands but didn’t fly off straight away and others fluttered around me. I could even walk off and they stayed on my hand which was quite magical. It was much quicker on the way down, collecting Nick on the way after he had made it up with Barbara, the ranger, and we headed back to Mweya for our Kazinga Channel cruise. When we got back, one of the highlights of the day for Luke and I was Nick falling out of the car, as he took off the whole seal for the door whilst stepping over some water.

We managed to all get on the same cruise boat for the channel cruise and within a few minutes, we spotted elephants close to shore. I was so excited. Then the boat moved closer and we were within about 7 meters of them! There were 3 elephants to start but by the end we saw about 10 elephants! We also saw lots of hippos in big groups and plenty of buffalo and birds. We also drifted past a fisherman village as we moved towards Lake Edward which had hippos nearby. It was a very smooth journey and was amazing to see such a variety of different animals and so many of them. 

Once we had docked, we went to tembo for dinner. As football was on, Meg and I had a dinner date outside having a great chat. They had run out of chicken so we both had something with beef, for a change. We went to the lodge afterward for more games and a few drinks before my first day at Kafuro tomorrow which I am really excited about. 

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