UK Visitors at Rihamu Junior School!!!!!!!

It was on Friday 02nd 2019 when we received 08 visitors from the UK. As a dream come true, both the children and staff at Rihamu had for a long time been looking forward for this great day, time can really fly fast! I was excited to meet Paul from Hambledon, for the first time I met Steve Peach from QEPP, Ash, Jess, Nick for the second time, Megan, Luke and Andy from CM Sports. Our visitors were received by the pupils at the school gate. The pupils were all full of cheers. This was a very exciting moment and everyone was happy.

The visitors were led to the office, and signed in the visitors book, after few exchanges and introductions were made. The entire school kept on cheering – welcome visitors!

The entire team from the UK were friendly and actively engaged the pupils. The team visited all the classes which made the children so happy. Steve and Paul were taken around the entire school by the director – Ibrahim. They also looked at the school museum, and some repair works around the school as the rest of team interacted with the pupils.

I was so happy to receive the Tug Rugby Kit, A set of Dominoes, a Tennis Racket and balls and Darts, thanks to the CM Sports. We also received educational materials from Paul. Paul will be at Rihamu from Monday to Wednesday teaching units of work on the UN Rights of the child, sanitation and changes within the community. I will be available to assist Paul.

We thank you so much for the football, darts, dominoes and tag rugby trainings and dribbling tips, all these were conducted by the CM sports team – Ash, Nick, Megan, Luke, Andy and Jess from Liss School. Thank you Paul and Steve for sparing your precious time to visit Rihamu Junior School. Thank you Jeffrey for driving our visitors safely. I greatly thank and Adam Stanley for all the communications and coordination.


About shakilah

Hi Everyone !!!!

So nice meeting you here. Well, am Shakilah Huda from Rihamu Junior School. I have been at this school since 2004. I specifically teach English and Reading from 8 to 10 years. I was born as teacher and I really enjoy my job. Its such a wonderful feeling being called Madam Shakilah by all the children even when am walking on African streets!!!

I was born from western Uganda. My school is appr. 360kms away from the Kampala – The capital city of Uganda.

So nice sharing with you something small about me!

Shakilah Huda
Head Teacher – Rihamu Junior School -Kasese – East Africa

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