Uganda Day 5: 2019

5.30am rolled around too quickly and the alarm was a slight shock to the system but it was for good reason – it was game drive day! Bridgette, a ranger from UWA, accompanied us and gave us a tour as we travelled to the grasslands to spot some animals. We saw plenty of cob and buffalo, especially as we got on the roof of the van which was a bit smoother then the crater drive! On the way back, we spotted a lion going into the grass. We thought it was hunting but it turned out it was going to sleep but we stared at the grass for about an hour just in case. 

We then returned to Mweya and headed to Tembo for breakfast (5 hours after waking up!). Having had French toast, which is going to be a regular occurrence I think, we headed to the pool at the Mweya Safari Lodge again for some rest before a busy week. We had a fantastic day, with the whole group making a video of Baywatch, as Andy was wearing his red swimming trunks. With a lot of editing and laughs while recording, we have made a video which will never see the light of day. 

After spending all day at the lodge it was time to head to our second home, Tembo for dinner. I had grilled chicken and chips as they were out of chipati, which I think I’ll be making at home, and the chicken in breadcrumbs that I had enjoyed earlier in the week. 

Then we headed back to the lodge for some drinks and to play card games. Joffrey taught us a new card game which was basically luck but it was captivating to watch – better than TV. We played Kemps and I was with Megan so we did quite well! We also had a few games of Irish snap which Paul was delighted to win a few games of! 

Back at the house now, we have another early start tomorrow as we head on a walk in the mountains and (hopefully) the Kazinga Channel drive tomorrow.  

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