Uganda 2019 Day 3: Crater Drive

Today was a slower day.  A chance to familiarise ourselves with our base in QE National Park as well as an opportunity to catch our breath, before heading in to schools tomorrow.

We spent the morning driving out to view the stunning crater lakes.  These are situated just north of the impressive Mweya Peninsula and actually are the highest elevation in the park.

We hadn’t gone more than a mile before we turned a corner and Joffrey slammed on the brakes.  Blocking our path was a giant Elephant.  Its enormous ears were flapping – a signal to move back.  It was reassuring to have Joffrey with us.  His experience meant he knew exactly where to place the vehicle in relation to the elephant to ensure we didn’t get flipped.  

It was an exhilarating start to the morning.  But it was about to get even better.  Miss Duncan, Luke, Megan and I decided to enjoy the scenery better by climbing into the roof of the bus for the drive along the crater path.  I felt like I was ‘King of the World’ as we drove along the bumpy path, clinging to the roof rack and drinking in the stunning views and wildlife.  We will be uploading photos of the various hippos, wart hogs and water buck that popped up along the route.
Then Joffrey allowed Nick and I to take turns driving the bus.  I took us up to the Queen Elizabeth Pavilion.  You may remember that bit in The Crown, where in 1952 Elizabeth is touring Africa and finds out that her father has died and she has become queen.  She was here as part of that tour and a visitor centre had been built for the tourists.

Uganda is providing many memories and this morning will always stay with me.

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