Uganda Day 2: 2019

Well rested after a good night’s sleep, we walked through the (empty) zoo to breakfast – a full English of course, hopefully we’ll be brave enough to try some authentic food soon! Whilst we were packing our things, the animals in the nearby enclosure moved close to our huts, perfect for some photos! Shortly after, we packed up and began our journey to Mweya. When we reached Kampala, Paul and I had to visit the British Council to let them know that we had arrived safely and were asked if we needed anything. Once we had checked in with them, we went back with Joffrey to pick up Nick and co. who we had earlier dropped off at the sports equipment shop. 

With the van all loaded up with equipment in almost every available gap, we resumed our travels. Although long and tiring, the drive was made bearable by the beautiful scenery and went a lot quicker as we were playing games. Along the way we drove past some baboons, one of which had a baby on their back so we fed them some cheese crackers so they came really close to the van! Further on, we stopped at Fort Portal to have a drink (Nick and I had a Long Island iced tea to quench the thirst) and then it was the final stretch of the journey. 

Arriving into Hippo House, we immediately were greeted by amazing wildlife – a water buck, herd of elephants, a hippo and a hyena. All of this was in the dark so I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! We also paid a visit to one of Mr Stanley’s favourite placeS for dinner – Tembo. I tried chapatis which were just as Mr Stanley makes them. Other exotic choices included Andy and Paul trying Tilapia which came with the head still on! 

Tomorrow we have an early start for the crater drive to take in the local scenery. 

(Photos to follow later as they are on my camera!) 

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