Uganda Day 1: 2019

Day 1: After a long and tiring day of travelling, we have finally arrived! Luckily, the CM sports gang had landed just before us. After the panic of hoping our suitcases had arrived (which they did) and a long wait to get our visas, we made it to the other side. As soon as we arrived in Uganda, we were warmly greeted by Joffrey and the humid weather. Once Joffrey had put our cases on the roof (surprising, considering the amount of stuff we had packed!) we set off for the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre.

A short journey through torrential rain later, we arrived at our huts for the night which looked similar to Butser Ancient Farm roundhouses! When we had decided on which house we wanted, (Megan and I chose the room which had bunk beds) we dropped off our cases and headed off to dinner. On our way through the zoo, we saw elephants, zebras and enormous crocodiles – you don’t get that on your way to dinner at home! We met up with Joffrey at the entrance to the zoo and drove to a gorgeous restaurant, Goretti’s, on the sandy edge of Lake Victoria under some palm trees which was idyllic – until the lake flies started to attack us, especially Megan! We all tried a Nile beer (which was surprisingly good for 7000ugx) and, in true English style, had pizza for our first meal. As it was Luke’s birthday, we also surprised him with a cake which luckily the bugs didn’t like. Because we were all exhausted, we headed back to the huts early and it was straight to bed for all of us, ahead of a long day travelling to Mweya tomorrow. 

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