Our new bottle greenhouse and a close encounter with a balloon

Warm greetings to our friends in Uganda at Kafuro and the other twinning project schools. At Liss, we are very grateful to all the adults who come in and help and particularly grateful to Geof, who comes in and helps out Mr Haycock, our site manager. Geof has taken on the task of rebuilding and refurbishing our bottle greenhouse and has done a splendid job. We would like to pass on our thanks to him. We now have a place to grow our plants when the weather in the UK is colder.

Last night we had a very close encounter with a hot air balloon which came extremely close to the roof of the school after the children ahd gone home ofr the day. Mr Stanley had been working in the greenhouse and spotted the balloon. He had time to take a quick photo before the balloon disappeared.

We would like to know if you have seen a hot air ballooon near your school in Uganda?

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