Rihamu Junior School in a Community Clean – Up Exercise

Greetings Everyone!!

Community Clean up exercises are top on the list of our School Social activities. During these exercises, we clean community areas, parks, markets, bus stations and the elders homes in the community. We use local brooms, polythene bags, hoes and spades. The exercise is usually fun where children learn about giving back to the community, sanitation and hygiene, making friends in the community and we also teach the people in the community various topics concerning sanitation and hygiene.

We do this exercise once every term.

The communities where we go are usually much cleaner after the exercise.

Do schools in the UK clean their communities? We would like to learn how schools in the UK go about this exercise.

Thank you all

Head Teacher – Rihamu Junior School

About shakilah

Hi Everyone !!!!

So nice meeting you here. Well, am Shakilah Huda from Rihamu Junior School. I have been at this school since 2004. I specifically teach English and Reading from 8 to 10 years. I was born as teacher and I really enjoy my job. Its such a wonderful feeling being called Madam Shakilah by all the children even when am walking on African streets!!!

I was born from western Uganda. My school is appr. 360kms away from the Kampala – The capital city of Uganda.

So nice sharing with you something small about me!

Shakilah Huda
Head Teacher – Rihamu Junior School -Kasese – East Africa

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  1. astanleyadmin says:

    Thank you for your post, Shakilah. I cannot comment on how each school in the UK organises themselves. I know that the eco – council at Liss are planning to organise a clean – up along the River Rother which flows through Liss. One of the differences that I have noticed between the UK and Uganda is that there are far more bins in the UK for litter to be placed in, which helps to keep our communities tidier. Unfortunately, not veryone uses the litter bins as they should.

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