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Warm greetings to all our friends at Liss. I am writing to update you on what is happening at Kafuro. We returned to school on February 4th for a new academic year. Firstly, I wanted to let you know that the water pipeline paid for by the pupils of Liss has made an enormous difference to our school. We appreciate  you have given Kafuro pupils life because water is life. The water has been treated and, although it would not be safe for Liss pupils to drink without being boiled first, Kafuro pupils are able to drink it because it is much cleaner than water they have drunk before. In other use apart from being drunk by our pupils ( You know at Liss that Uganda feels warm during our all through summer to even 33 or more degrees Celsius ) the water helps to calm the dust in our muddy classes, then and cleaning those important places.
The UK people have loved us that you people have donated a hand wash facility at school.
On drinking,
 Now the challenge,
Kafuro primary school now has an enrollment of more than 340 pupils, theses friends of yours need at least two cups of water every day. But due to the limited resources, the school decides to avail only one jerrican ( 18 liters)of water per day to the 340 and above pupils, this would be called proper use if Uganda was cold.
The water company installed a water meter and we have a monthly bill of around 50,000 UGX (£11) for your friends at Kafuro to fully access the water specifically for drinking during their time at school.
We are also pleased to report that further work has been completed on the new block of classrooms. When Mr Stanley visited Kafuro in 2017 he brought money from the our friends at Liss JS which enabled us to finish building walls. These walls have now had a render applied. Once doors and windows are fitted, the building will be complete.
The building is currently helping the nursery section to have shade on third head.

Kafuro pupils are already preparing for the 2019 Conservation Cup. Our tag rugby and football teams are already practising hard ahead of the tournament at the end of July/beginning of August. As Liss pupils will know, Kafuro have been tag rugby champions for the last two years and we would like to win it for a third time with the football trophy to be year’s overall champions.
Adam will miss this!

Primary six seven and five together have been learning debating skills this term. Our latest motion was, ‘Should Queen Elizabeth National Park be turned into farmland?’ The pupils enjoyed this very much and it also caused much laughter and happiness plus confession.

Christopher said, “The National Park brings friends to Uganda like Mr Stanley.” Prisca argued, “It is good for national parks to be created because it allowed God to link animals with humans to create laughter”
And one Catheline said the got her smuggle firewood from the park and hit her with a stick so she expressed her dissatisfaction as a poacher.

Finally, we are looking forward to receiving Miss Duncan, Mr Davies and the team from CM Sports in Uganda this year.

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