First PLE Sitting for Rihamu Junior School

Hello from Rihamu Junior School

Today, we are happy and excited to have our very first Primary Seven sit for the Primary Leaving Exams. It’s been a very long journey. Having started with P.1 to P.3 classes. We kept on adding a class every year. The five years down the road has been full of determination, zeal and hard work. We have been able to wither all the challenges along the way.

I am proud to report that all the teacher have put in their very best. Spending sleepless nights to make sure that our pupils are ready for the National Exams. Indeed they are ready and excited about the Exams. As I write this, they are now doing an English Paper and in the evening they will be doing their final PLE Science paper.

Security is extremely tight at all PLE centers, its silence all over and brains at work.


Head Teacher – Rihamu Junior School


About shakilah

Hi Everyone !!!!

So nice meeting you here. Well, am Shakilah Huda from Rihamu Junior School. I have been at this school since 2004. I specifically teach English and Reading from 8 to 10 years. I was born as teacher and I really enjoy my job. Its such a wonderful feeling being called Madam Shakilah by all the children even when am walking on African streets!!!

I was born from western Uganda. My school is appr. 360kms away from the Kampala – The capital city of Uganda.

So nice sharing with you something small about me!

Shakilah Huda
Head Teacher – Rihamu Junior School -Kasese – East Africa

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