Harvest Festival & Food Waste

Greetings to all of our friends in Uganda. Last Friday, Liss Junior School held its annual Harvest Festival at St Mary’s Church in Liss. One of the constant themes of the assembly was the amount of food waste that takes place in the world. Here are some facts and figures.

  •  1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year. This amounts to US$1 trillion dollars of wasted or lost food
  • Imagine that all the food waste is a country., it would be the third largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world, after the United States and China. What’s even worse is that just one quarter of all wasted food could feed the 795 million undernourished people around the world who suffer from hunger.
  • Food waste in rich countries (222 million tons) is approximately equal to all of the food produced in Sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tons).
  • If you’re a European or North American consumer, on average you will waste almost 100 kilograms of food annually, which is more than most people weigh. You will also waste 15 times more food than a typical African.
  • African food waste is due to a lack of technology and infrastructure whereas in the developed world most of the food waste comes from households. Food waste in Europe alone could feed 200 million hungry people.
  • Even worse, food waste generates 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which accelerates global climate change.

We would like to ask all of our friends in Ugandan schools to let us know what tips they would give children in the UK to avoid food waste.

Food waste

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