Our communication for the new term

Good morning to all our friends and supporters who read and comment on this blog.

Our term opened on 17th Sept 2018,

We have always opened by cleaning our compound every first day of the new term.

We would like to hear about what you as children at Liss Junior school do on the first day Of every term

We are writing to set a number of activities we can share in this term’.

We as Primary Six we have two topics which  we have to cover this term.

  1. Hotels
  2. Using a dictionary

The following topics are our topics for term three.

We like term three very much as it ends the year and we go for Christmas

During this term our teachers write good reports to end the year and we like to see ourselves promoted to the next classes.

As Primary Five, we also have two topics in English

  1. Peace and security
  2. Services ( banking)

In peace and security, we study about how to keep our environment safe and look at the importance of different members of our community and security agents who among others include the police and the army.

For us in Primary Seven, We did our mock examination and have been very busy for the rest of the holiday studying to finish all our revision in time.

In this term we plan to have our final examinations. We call them Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

We shall be doing PLE at the very beginning of November, we start with a briefing scheduled on 2nd November 2018, this includes telling us how we have to behave during examinations.

It also helps us to prepare ourselves very early for the next week, so that we do not have to organise ourselves on the morning when we have exams the same day.

Then writing of our papers begin on 5th November and 6th

We have always taken four papers: two each day for two days.

We are looking forward to knowing what you will be learning about for your new term

We are happy to receive rangers coming to our school. good work between schools and the park promote conservation.


write by Moris Ashaba and class all





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