Uganda 2018 Day 13: New Blood

Today was our last full day on Mweya and we had arranged for the Ugandan teachers to have a cluster meeting. Stu was off to Rwenzori National Park for meetings all day while the others were going to help me with blogging training.


The day did not get off to a good start. I already knew that Ramathan could not attend as he had a sick relative in Kampala and he had to go there as he was a possible match as a kidney donor. Then I got a message from Yowasi telling me that he wasn’t coming. Eventually, a car turned up bringing Shakilah, the headteacher from Rihamu Junior and her School Director; Julius, the co-ordinator at Mahyoro; and Moses, the co-ordinator at Kyambura. It was a small focused group that worked on blogging throughout the morning, and by the end of the session each of the schools had created their own blog post and added photos. I was particularly impressed with how quickly Shakilah and her School director picked up the skills – I think they will be a valuable addition to QEPP.


West Meon had kindly donated four laptops and we had been able to recondition three of them, so each school was given a laptop to aid communication. I then received a phone call to tell me that James, the teacher from Nyakatonzi, had reached Mweya on a boda boda after missing the car that brought the others. As the meeting had just about finished, we arranged to meet him at Tembo. We had a final laptop that we were able to give James, but this would be delayed a day as we had to reset the password.


The meeting finished and the teachers waited at Tembo for their driver to turn up. While we were sitting at a table, a poisonous green snake dropped onto the table from the tree above. I was the last to notice it – by this time everyone else had jumped a mile in the air. When the snake decided to move, it did so at great speed – it was fascinating to watch. The teachers were eventually picked up and the rest of us sat at Tembo chatting and playing Uno. We walked back to Hippo House and then Mrs Green and I had to pack our belongings – our time on Mweya was already at an end.


Stu had arrived back after a good day at Rwenzori National Park and we went down to Tembo for the last time together. It is always sad to say goodbye to all of our friends and this year was no exception. Tomorrow, we have a ten and a half hour drive to Buwenge, half an hour north of Jinja to the east of Kampala.

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