Uganda 2018 Day 5: A Quieter Day

After three very busy days, today was a lot quieter. Despite the fact that I was very tired, I was unable to sleep for too long and was up and about by 08.00. I took the car up the road to be refuelled and tried to catch up with blogging (I know, I’m days behind) before breakfast. Mweya is always quieter on a Sunday and we walked leisurely down to Tembo for breakfast so that we could eat with the Kazinga Channel in the background. The local warthogs had turned out in numbers and we watched the young being fed by their mothers. Some marabou storks and a lizard also decided to make an appearance so we were surrounded by wildlife.

After breakfast we all went on a crater drive. It was fascinating to watch the reaction of the CM Sports group: they absolutely loved it! It was another example of what a great activity this is, but it attracts very few tourists. I guess geology isn’t considered interesting enough which is a real shame.

At the end of the crater drive, the others headed off to have their photos taken by the equator while Mrs Green and I headed back to Mweya. Over a couple of cool drinks at Tembo, we wrote an evaluation of the tournament and made some recommendations for future tournaments. This will be shared with all organisers. The others decided to visit the Safari Lodge and make use of their swimming pool – a good idea on a hot afternoon.

After dinner, Mrs Green and I put the world to rights with Ash and Nick. It turned out to be another very late night. Tomorrow, we return to Kafuro while the others visit Katunguru.

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