Liss Junior School receives International Schools Award reaccreditation

This afternoon, Mr Stanley received an email from the British Council to say that Liss Junior School has received full International Schools Award reaccreditation from the British Council. The notes received from the British Council said…

“Liss Junior School. Your application for Re-accreditation has been approved. You have a thriving partnership with a school in Uganda and you have been very imaginative in the ways that you have embedded aspects of the partnership into the curriculum. It is clear that you are using the collaborative work to challenge stereotypes that exist in both communities and the pupils in both schools will move closer to becoming citizens as an outcome. You have used a local schools network to disseminate your international work and it is pleasing that another school has decided to follow your international route. As your international journey progresses it would be good to see the activities broaden to include other regions of the world and to introduce language lessons that would lead to some communication in a foreign language. Your partnership is exemplary in how you have embedded it within your curriculum and it is hoped that this will continue. Well done and keep up the excellent work. “

We would like to thanks our friends and colleagues at Kafuro Primary School for all their hard work in helping us to achieve this fantastic award. A special thanks to Yowasi for coordinating their activities. This only happens when a true partnership happens. We would also like to thank all the pupils and parents from the schools who have filled out evaluation forms and contributed valuable feedback.

The award ceremony takes place in London in November. More details nearer the time!


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  1. Andrew Burford says:

    Congratulations to all involved in gaining the reaccreditation. Keep up the great work as you are making a difference.

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