Africell letters from Kafuro

Dear Mr. Dalloul,

Thanks for all your great work in this best internet providing company.

I’m a Ugandan teacher based at Kafuro Primary School in Western Uganda just bordering Queen Elizabeth National.

Kafuro Primary School’s children have written their letters requesting you to solve the problem where by due to a poor network.

The community and the schools neighboring the areas of Kafuro have always wanted to use the internet for learning and sharing their culture plus all conservation ideas with Liss Junior School.

It’s a shame that in Kafuro area and the neighboring schools have not accessed your internet services. I’m moved also to urgently inform you that you have already market for your products as most schools need internet for their learning take an example of Kafuro primary school linked to Liss Junior School who have always provided money to purchase data for their blog sharing. In addition, Queen Elizabeth National Park receives a number of visitors who normally require internet for their communication and direction on Google Maps.

I am also the Proprietor New Life Junior School which we are shaping to use internet for their learning using different technology.

With all the above, I clearly understand that you are the best Chief Executive Officer who came to heights through education and most importantly I know you are very keen to expand your business and make more profits.

The solution to all the above is to build a Communication Mast or set a satellite to feed Kafuro community with internet on your network.

Thanks very much for your consideration.

Yours in service

Yowasi Byaruhanga

Projects Coordinator

Kafuro Primary School.

Download (DOCX, 11KB)

Download (DOCX, 11KB)

Download (DOCX, 11KB)

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