Writing letters to Africell

Greetings to all our friends at Kafuro, other schools in the UK and Uganda and our friends around the world. Regular readers of our blog will know that for some years Kafurp Primary School have suffered from a poor internet signal which has made access to the internet frustratingly slow. Yowasi and Mr Stanley decided to do something about this, so they organised children in both schools to write letters to Ziad Dalloul, the CEO of Africell Uganda asking him to install a communications mast close to the school.

The children had a series of lessons where they learnt about writing persuasive letters with a formal tone. Late last night Mr Stanley emailed the children’s letters off to Africell and we’re hoping to get a reply in the next few days.

Here’s a selection of just some of the Liss letters. Yowasi will be posting some examples of Ugandan letters later today.


Download (DOCX, 15KB)


Download (DOCX, 15KB)


Download (DOCX, 14KB)


Download (DOCX, 13KB)


Download (DOCX, 13KB)


Download (DOCX, 13KB)



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