An Easter Treat: Ugandan – style cooking at Liss

Warm greetings to our friends in Kafuro and throughout schools in the UK and Uganda involved in the Queen Elizabeth Parks Project. Also a big ‘Hello’ to the Czech and Belgian teachers who visited our school and who are likely to be reading this blog.  This week the Year 6 children at Liss Junior School designed, cooked and ate their Ugandan-style meals.

The children had access to the cob oven and many of the groups were keen to cook muchomos and chapattis. Mr Stanley showed them how to make chapatti dough, roll it flat and then to fry it in a pan. He also showed the children how to skewer meat to make muchomos.

The children boiled and roasted Irish potatoes and sweet potatoes as well as making salads. One group decided to make their own rolex and several groups also cooked rice.

The children were very pleased with their creations and filled out evaluation forms which showed how much they enjoyed making the food.

Mr Stanley is looking forward to cooking European-style food with Kafuro children in August using their cob oven. What food would you suggest?

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