Cluster Meeting

Tonight there was a meeting for some of the project schools at Liss Junior School. Mr Stanley taught us how to blog so that we could share information from the schools involved in the QE Park Project. It was nice to catch up with Mrs Buckle and find out all about her new job and tell her what has been happening at Clanfield.

Mr Peach and Mrs Buckle learning how to blog.

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  1. Shakila Huda says:

    Greetings from Rihamu Junior School. We are excited that we are part of this wonderful programme! The blo is very informative and interesting. Thank u for painting a good picture about mother Africa! Its true we may not have much but we are very happy people and hospitable. Great weather, nice food, woow nature….people and places…Thank you Mr Peach! Thank you Mrs Buckle! We love you so very much here at Rihamu Junior School !!!!
    Head teacher Email “”

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