Mr Stanley’s trip to the International Schools Award ceremony

On Wednesday Mr Stanley visited the Houses of Parliament to attend the ceremony for the International Schools Award. As readers of this blog will know, Liss gained their reaccreditation back in July. The prestige in gaining this award is signified by the fact that the ceremony is held at the seat of government for the UK.

To get into the houses of Parliament, Mr Stanley had to go through airport-style security before he was allowed in. There was a long wait in the main lobby of Parliament before everyone was called into the Members’ Dining Room where the ceremony was going to take place.

Mr Stanley was told by British Council staff that he was going to have his photo taken with Damian Hinds, the Secretary of State for Education. Mr Hinds is also the local member of Parliament for East Hampshire which covers Liss. Mr Hinds gave a fantastic speech where he talked about how important it was that schools carried out their international work and how Britain needed to reach out to th erest of the world. The second half of his speech was all about Liss and Kafuro. Mr Hinds praised the work of the two schools and said how inspirational it was that the schools had cooperated so well especially through the Kafuro Liss blog.

After the speech, Mr Stanley had time for a quick chat with Mr Hinds before they posed for a photo together. It was a very proud day for both Liss and Kafuro, and we hope it will inspire other UK and Uganda schools to work towards international schools accreditation.

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Letters From Hambledon!!!!

Greetings to you all!!

We are very happy to receive letters from the pupils of Hambledon School. We have waited for these letter for 3 weeks and finally we have them here!

The pupils are too excited and are planning to write back.

We are also expecting to host Rosy in a couple of weeks.

Just looking forward


Head Teacher


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First PLE Sitting for Rihamu Junior School

Hello from Rihamu Junior School

Today, we are happy and excited to have our very first Primary Seven sit for the Primary Leaving Exams. It’s been a very long journey. Having started with P.1 to P.3 classes. We kept on adding a class every year. The five years down the road has been full of determination, zeal and hard work. We have been able to wither all the challenges along the way.

I am proud to report that all the teacher have put in their very best. Spending sleepless nights to make sure that our pupils are ready for the National Exams. Indeed they are ready and excited about the Exams. As I write this, they are now doing an English Paper and in the evening they will be doing their final PLE Science paper.

Security is extremely tight at all PLE centers, its silence all over and brains at work.


Head Teacher – Rihamu Junior School


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Good luck to P7 pupils

From all the pupils and staff at Liss Junior School, we would like to wish the P7 pupils  at Kafuro and all the other QEPP schools in Uganda every success in their Primary Leaving Examinations this coming week. We are well aware of the magnitude of these examinations and also know how hard all of you will have worked over the current academic year. You will all be in our thoughts this week!

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To all our Linked Schools

With all the hard work and good preparations your teachers have done,

The power of the Almighty God is ready to bless you with SUCCESS in your Primary Leaving Examinations to be done tomorrow Monday and Tuesday.

Best of our lovely wishes to you you all and we know you are very ready and bright to make it.

Bless you all with Success.


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Harvest Festival & Food Waste

Hi Everyone,

The children and teachers at Rihamu Junior School are surprised to read about a lot of food waste in UK and look forward to share their views on ways the children in UK can use to avoid food waste.

Here in Africa the word food waste is not common and food is actually not enough since some families go hungry. We are going discuss and record a video when the children are discussing alternative ways to avoid food waste.

Shakilah Huda

Head Teacher
Rihamu Junior School

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Rihamu Junior School Greets you All !!!!!

Dear everyone,

Greetings from all the children at Rihamu Junior School. Hope all the pupils at Hambledon are fine. The link between Hambledon and Rihamu Junior School has been a journey of many interesting things ranging from cultural understanding to exchanging, exchanging gifts to sharing and writing friendly letters. We are in fact expecting to receive letters from Hambledon through our local post office.

For all the pupils at Rihamu Junior School, this is going to be a new experience when they receive their letters. These pupils have never received personal letters through the post office.
Thanks to Mr. Paul Davies, the head teacher and Katie Foster and all the teachers at Hambledon School.

The pupils at Rihamu just can’t wait to receive their letters from Hambledon School!!!!!

Shakilah Huda
Head Teacher – Rihamu Junior School

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Harvest Festival & Food Waste

Greetings to all of our friends in Uganda. Last Friday, Liss Junior School held its annual Harvest Festival at St Mary’s Church in Liss. One of the constant themes of the assembly was the amount of food waste that takes place in the world. Here are some facts and figures.

  •  1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year. This amounts to US$1 trillion dollars of wasted or lost food
  • Imagine that all the food waste is a country., it would be the third largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world, after the United States and China. What’s even worse is that just one quarter of all wasted food could feed the 795 million undernourished people around the world who suffer from hunger.
  • Food waste in rich countries (222 million tons) is approximately equal to all of the food produced in Sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tons).
  • If you’re a European or North American consumer, on average you will waste almost 100 kilograms of food annually, which is more than most people weigh. You will also waste 15 times more food than a typical African.
  • African food waste is due to a lack of technology and infrastructure whereas in the developed world most of the food waste comes from households. Food waste in Europe alone could feed 200 million hungry people.
  • Even worse, food waste generates 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which accelerates global climate change.

We would like to ask all of our friends in Ugandan schools to let us know what tips they would give children in the UK to avoid food waste.

Food waste

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Liss communication to Kafuro on the new term

Greetings to all our friends in Kafuro and thank you to to Moris for organising the Kafuro blog post with all the details of what is happening at Kafuro this term.

We started our new term at Liss on September 5th. Fortunately for Liss pupils, they did not have to clean the school compound as our site manager, Mr Haycock, does a brilliant job of doing this – the children came back in September to a clean and sparkling school. Our first few days at school were spent on a specific area of study under a scheme known as Commando Joe. Year 6 studied a woman called Nancy Wake, who help British troops escape from occupied France during the Second World War and also sabotaged German operations. Year 5 studied a British astronaut called Tim Peake who went in to space for six months three years ago.

This term our focus is on history throughout the school. Year 6 are studying the Ancient Greeks; Year 5 – other Ancient civilizations, Year 4 are learning about the Anglo-Saxons; and Year 3 are studying Britain from the Iron Age to the Bronze Age. From January, Year 6 will be studying Uganda and will be learning about the geography of Uganda as well as a specific focus on Kafuro Primary School. Mr Stanley will be sharing a film on this blog that he made when he visited Semuliki National Park, and will gave some questions for children in both schools to answer.

The children at Liss are busy fundraising towards either draining the existing latrines at Kafuro or enabling the school to buy some more. We have already raised nearly 500,000UGX and many of our pupils are organising cake sales to raise further funds.

Mr Stanley has also arranged for a replacement rain gauge to be sent to Kafuro in the next couple of weeks so that both schools can accurately share their weather data.

We look forward to receiving questions from our friends at Kafuro about hotels, dictionaries and security. We are also very interested to hear about your environmental studies as Liss Junior School has just set up an eco – council and has some big plans to improve our school environment.

Finally, our harvest festival takes place on Friday and we will share with you some of the topics that we are presenting in the coming days. We were shocked at the results of some of our research!

Yr 5 girls raised money for Ecosan toilet project

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Our communication for the new term

Good morning to all our friends and supporters who read and comment on this blog.

Our term opened on 17th Sept 2018,

We have always opened by cleaning our compound every first day of the new term.

We would like to hear about what you as children at Liss Junior school do on the first day Of every term

We are writing to set a number of activities we can share in this term’.

We as Primary Six we have two topics which  we have to cover this term.

  1. Hotels
  2. Using a dictionary

The following topics are our topics for term three.

We like term three very much as it ends the year and we go for Christmas

During this term our teachers write good reports to end the year and we like to see ourselves promoted to the next classes.

As Primary Five, we also have two topics in English

  1. Peace and security
  2. Services ( banking)

In peace and security, we study about how to keep our environment safe and look at the importance of different members of our community and security agents who among others include the police and the army.

For us in Primary Seven, We did our mock examination and have been very busy for the rest of the holiday studying to finish all our revision in time.

In this term we plan to have our final examinations. We call them Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

We shall be doing PLE at the very beginning of November, we start with a briefing scheduled on 2nd November 2018, this includes telling us how we have to behave during examinations.

It also helps us to prepare ourselves very early for the next week, so that we do not have to organise ourselves on the morning when we have exams the same day.

Then writing of our papers begin on 5th November and 6th

We have always taken four papers: two each day for two days.

We are looking forward to knowing what you will be learning about for your new term

We are happy to receive rangers coming to our school. good work between schools and the park promote conservation.


write by Moris Ashaba and class all





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